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Publications from Prof. Wang's group:


Representative Publications:


• Graphene-related 2D Structures

-  Xiaolong Chen,  Zefei Wu,    Shuigang Xu, Lin Wang, Rui Huang,  Yu Han,  Weiguang Ye,  Wei Xiong,    Tianyi Han,  Gen Long, Yang Wang, Yuheng He, Yuan Cai, Ping Sheng & Ning Wang*, "Probing the electron states and metal-insulator transition mechanisms in ​molybdenum disulphide vertical heterostructures",  Nature Communications 6,  Article number:  6088 ;  doi:10.1038/ncomms7088 (2015).

- Lin Wang, Xiaolong Chen,, Wei Zhu, Yang Wang, Chao Zhu, Zefei Wu, Yu Han, Mingwei Zhang, Wei Li, Yuheng He, and Ning Wang* , “Detection of resonant impurities in graphene by quantum capacitance measurement”, Phys. Rev. B 89 (2014) 075410.

- Lin Wang, Yang Wang,  Xiaolong Chen, Wei Zhu,  Chao Zhu,  Zefei Wu,    Yu Han,    Mingwei Zhang,     Wei Li,      Yuheng He, Wei Xiong,    Kam Tuen Law,    Dangsheng Su & Ning Wang*. “Negative Quantum Capacitance Induced by Midgap States in Single-layer Graphene”, Scientific Reports 3 (2013)2041.

-Xiaolong Chen, Lin Wang, Wei Li, Yang Wang, Zefei Wu, Mingwei Zhang, Yu Han, Yuheng He, Ning Wang, “Electron-Electron Interactions in Monolayer Graphene Quantum Capacitors”, Nano Research, 6(2013)619-626.

- Wei Li, Xiaolong Chen, Lin Wang, Yuheng He, Zefei Wu, Yuan Cai, Mingwei Zhang,Yang Wang, Yu Han, Rolf W. Lortz, Zhao-Qing Zhang, Ping Sheng & Ning Wang*, “Density of States and Its Local Fluctuations Determined by Capacitance of Strongly Disordered Graphene”, Scientific Reports, 3(2013)1772.

- Haijing Zhang, Jianming Lu1 Wu Shi1, Zhe Wang, Ting Zhang, Mingyuan Sun, Yuan Zheng, Qihong Chen, Ning Wang, Juhn-Jong Lin, and Ping Sheng*, Large-scale Mesoscopic Transport in Nanostructured Graphene”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110(2013)066805

- Wenhao Guo , Shuigang Xu , Zefei Wu , Ning Wang , M. M. T. Loy and Shengwang Du, “Oxygen-Assisted Charge Transfer Between ZnO Quantum Dots and Graphene”, Small 2013 Mar 21. doi: 10.1002/smll.201202855.

- L. Wang, X.L. Chen, Y. Wang, Z.F. Wu, W. Li, Y. Han, M.W. Zhang, Y.H. He, C. Zhu, K.K. Fung, N.Wang*, "Modification of electronic properties of top-gated graphene devices by ultrathin yttrium-oxide dielectric layers", Nanoscale, 5(3), (2013)1116

- X. L. Chen, L. Wang, W. Li, Y. Wang, Y. H. He, Z. F. Wu, Y. Han, M. W. Zhang, W. Xiong, and N. Wang*, “Negative compressibility observed in graphene containing resonant impurities”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102(2013) 203103.

- Wei Li, Yuheng He, Lin Wang, Guohui Ding, Zhao-Qing Zhang, Rolf W. Lortz, Ping Sheng, and Ning Wang*, "Electron localization in metal-decorated graphene", Phys. Rev. B84 (2011)045431.

- Y. H. He, L. Wang, X. L. Chen, Z. F. Wu, W. Li, Y. Cai, and N. Wang*, "Modifying electronic transport properties of graphene by electron beam irradiation", Appl. Phys. Lett. 99 (2011)033109.


• Ultrathin Nanotubes

- W. Shi, Z. Wang, Q.C. Zhang, Y. Zheng, C. Ieong, M.Q. He, Rolf Lortz, Y. Cai, N. Wang, T. Zhang, H.J. Zhang, Z.K. Tang, P. Sheng, Hiroyuki Muramatsu, Yoong Ahm Kim, Morinobu Endo, Paulo T. Araujo & Mildred S. Dresselhaus, "Superconductivity in bundles of double-wall carbon nanotubes", Scientific Reports 2(2012) 625.

- R. Lortza, Q.C. Zhang, W. Shi, J.T. Ye, et al, “Superconducting characteristics of 4-angstrom carbon nanotube-zeolite composite”, PNAS 106 (2009) 299-7303.

- Z. K. Tang, L. Zhang, N. Wang, X. X. Zhang, G. H. Wen, G. D. Li, J. N. Wang, C. T. Chan, P. Sheng, “Superconductivity in 4 Angstrom Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” Science,  292 (2001)2462.

- N. Wang, Z.K. Tang, G.D. Li, J.S. Chen, “Single-walled 4-Å carbon nanotube arrays”, Nature, 408 (2000)50.

- B.D. Yao, Y.F. Chan, X.Y. Zhang, W.F. Zhang, Z.Y. Yang and N. Wang, “Formation Mechanism of TiO2 Nanotubes”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 82(2003) 281.

- J.Y. Miao, Z.L. Xu, X.Y. Zhang, N. Wang, Z.Y. Yang, P. Sheng, “Micropumps Based on the Enhanced Electroosmotic Effect of Aluminum Oxide Membranes”, Adv. Mater. 19 (2007) 4234 – 4237.

• Semiconductor Nanowires

- Shuigang Xu, Wenhao Guo, Shengwang Du, M. M. T. Loy, and Ning Wang, “Strain-induced piezoelectric field effects on the optical properties of ZnO nanowires”, Nano Lett. 12 (2012)5802-5807.

- T.L. Wong, C. Cheng, W. Li, K.K. Fung and N. Wang, “Nanostructural Transformation and Formation of Heterojunctions from Si Nanowires”, ACS Nano 4 (2010)5559.

- C. Cheng, M. Lei, L. Feng, T. L. Wong, K. M. Ho, K. K. Fung, M. M. T. Loy, D.P. Yu and N. Wang, “High-quality ZnO nanowire arrays directly from photoresists”, ACS Nano 3  (2009)53-58.

 - Y. Cai, S. K. Chan, I. K. Sou, Y. F. Chan, D. S. Su and N. Wang , “The size-dependent growth direction of ZnSe nanowires”, Adv. Mater. 18 (2006) 109-114.

- N. Wang, B. D. Yao, Y. F. Chan, X. Y. Zhang, “Enhanced Photothermal Effect in Si Nanowires”, Nano Lett., 3 (2003)475.

- B.D Yao, Y. F. Chan, N. Wang, “Formation of ZnO nanostructures by a simple way of thermal evaporation”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 81(2002) 757.

- N. Wang, Y.H. Tang, Y.F. Zhang, C.S. Lee and S.T. Lee, “Nucleation and growth of Si nanowires from silicon oxide”, Phys. Rev. B58 (1998) R16024-16026.

• Energy-related Nanomaterials

- Shi, YT, Zhu, C, Wang, L, Zhao, CY , Li, W, Fung, KK, Ma, TL, Hagfeldt, A, Wang, N, “Ultrarapid Sonochemical Synthesis of ZnO Hierarchical Structures: From Fundamental Research to High Efficiencies up to 6.42% for Quasi-Solid Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”,  CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS  25(2013)1000-1012. 

- Yantao Shi, Chao Zhu, Lin Wang, Wei Li, Chun Cheng, Kin Ming Ho, Kwok Kwong Fung and Ning Wang*, “Optimizing nanosheet-based ZnO hierarchical structure through ultrasonic-assisted precipitation for remarkable photovoltaic enhancement in quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells”, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 22  (2012) 13097-13103.

- C. Cheng, Y.T. Shi, C. Zhu, W. Li, L. Wang, K.K. Fung, N.Wang, "ZnO hierarchical strucures for efficient quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13(2011)10631.

 - S. T. Lee, H.Y. Peng, X.T. Zhou, N. Wang, C.S. Lee, I. Bello, Y. Lifshitz, “A nucleation site and Mechanism leading to epitaxial growth of diamond films”, Science 287(2000)104.


• Quasiperiodic Structures

-  J.C. Jiang, N. Wang, K.K. Fung and K.H. Kuo, “Direct observation of domains and discommensurations in Mn-Si-Al octagonal quasicrystal by transmission electron microscopy”,    Phys. Rev. Lett. 67 (1991) 1302-1305.

-  N. Wang, H. Chen and K. H. Kuo, “Two-dimensional quasicrystal with eightfold rotational symmetry”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 59 (1987) 1010-1013.


Book Chapters & Review Articles

- “Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanomateriaals”, Ed. Z.L. Wang and C. Hui, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2002. Chapter 4 “The Smallest Carbon Nanotubes”, by N. Wang.

- "Nanocrystalline Materials”, Ed. S.C. Tjong, Elsevier Science, Netherlands 2006. Chapter 4, pp93-130, “Fabrication and Structural Characterization of Ultrathin Nanoscale Wires and Particles”, by N. Wang and K.K. Fung,

- Special Issue: Electron Microscopy of Advanced Materials (2000), Guess Editors:  K.K. Fung and N. Wang, MICRON 33 (6): 513-513 (2002).

- “Growth of Nanowires”, N. Wang, Y. Cai, R.Q. Zhang, Mater. Sci. Eng. R60 (2008)1-51.

- “Semiconductor nanowires from oxide”, S. T. Lee, N. Wang, Y.F. Zhang and Y.H. Tang, MRS Bulletin 24(1999)36-42.

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