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• High-quality ZnO nanowire arrays directly from photoresists 

ZnO nanoscale materials, such as nanowires, have received increasing attention over the past few years because of their exciting potential applications in optoelectronic devices, sensors, highly efficient photonic devices, near-UV lasers, nanogenerators, antireflection coatings and electrochromic displays etc.

Traditionally, patterned and aligned nanowires can be achieved by patterning metal catalytic particles, often gold, on the lattice matching substrates through the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth, whereas, this growth strategy involves tedious lift-off processes for patterning metal catalysts. The substrates required for epitaxial growth of ZnO nanowires are often expensive and special substrates such as sapphire, GaN, and SiC, etc.

Here, we present a straightforward and novel route for fabricating high-quality ZnO nanowire arrays with controlled morphology and nanowire density directly from carbonized photoresist (PR) nano/micro patterns followed by (CVD).

The ZnO nanowires show excellent alignment, crystal quality and optical properties which are independent of the substrates. The carbonized photoresists not only provide perfect nucleation sites for the growth of aligned ZnO nanowires, but also perfectly connect to the nanowires forming ideal electrodes which are very important for many technological applications of ZnO nanomaterials.

images/stories/zno-1.jpg   images/stories/zno-2.jpg

See details: images/stories/linkmore.gif

• C. Cheng, M. Lei, L. Feng, T. L. Wong, K. M. Ho, K. K. Fung, M. M. T. Loy, D.P. Yu and N. Wang, “High-quality ZnO nanowire arrays directly from photoresists”, ACS Nano 3 (2009) 53-58.




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