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Welcome to the world of Internet Scanning Electron Microscopy

 The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a powerful microscope widely used not only in scientific research but also in hospitals and industry. SEM uses electrons rather than light to form an image. Therefore, SEM produces images of high resolution. Compared to a light microscope, SEM has many advantages. For example, SEM has a large depth of focus field, a high magnification (20-200,000x) and micro analysis facility for chemical composition (also called electron probe). SEM sample preparation is relative easy.

     Students often do not have access to SEM in the large courses involving imaging and diffraction with SEM. Even if there is a SEM for teaching purpose, it is not practical to have more than three or four students crowded into the microscope room. We have developed a real-time online SEM for teaching material science courses (real time demo and experiment via the internet). This can be realized only in the recent years as the speeds of the internet and PCs have increased substantially. The instructor can show and operate the SEM in real time via the internet connection in a classroom. Students have the chance to do experiment on the microscope via the internet after class, in campus or even at home.


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